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Vegetable Production for KAMAHARI Agri-based Multipurpose Cooperative

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Project orientation led by Mr. John Oliva

Started: November 2019

Completed: July 2020

The Convergence on Livelihood Assistance for Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries (CLAAP) for KAMAHARI Agri-based Multi-Purpose Cooperative is a seed capital assistance program of the Department of Agrarian Reform and Department of Social Welfare and Development. It is an opportunity to gain additional income and manage livelihood and micro-enterprise of the Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBOs).

The project has three major phases: training phase, planning phase, and nursery/farm establishment phase. Member beneficiaries of ARBOs were the target audience. The training phase includes CELPA, Inc's facilitation of a series of workshops covering various vegetable production aspects. The planning phase included the planting schedule and farm layouts. Meanwhile, the nursery and farm establishment phase will consist of the implementation of the approved farm plans.

Key-informant interview (KII)


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