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Timber Inventory for the Proposed Calanasan and Aoan Hydropower Project

Duration: November 2020 - May 2021

The cutting and removal of trees and other crops are prohibited under Executive Order No. 23, Series 2011 or the Declaration of a Moratorium on the Cutting and Harvesting of Timber in the Natural and Residual Forests and Creating the Anti-illegal Logging Task Force. A tree inventory is required for the issuance of necessary tree Cutting Permits, which shall be the basis for the imposition of forest charges for each cubic meter or replacement of corresponding seedlings for each tree to be cut.

Forester Camilla Bañares showing the location to one of the local guides

The San Miguel Corporation, through the Pan Pacific Philippines Corporation, tasked CELPA, Inc. to conduct a 100% timber inventory for the identified site in the Province of Apayao.

The timber inventory team


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