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Feasibility Study on the Solid Waste Management Facility for Local Government Unit Cluster - Bicol

Duration: October 2020 – December 2021

The increasing volume of waste generated, coupled with its major Green House Gas (GHG) contribution and the subsequent impact on climate change, is exacerbated unsustainable solid waste management interventions among the Local Government Units (LGUs).

To provide a comprehensive basis for the establishment, development, promotion, implementation, and monitoring of SLF technologies appropriate for the region, considering the technical, financial, socio-political, legal, and institutional factors. This may also include adopting appropriate Wate to Energy (WtE) technologies based on its contribution to achieving the waste diversion goals indicated in the 2011-2016 Philippines Development Plan (PDP), with the value-added contribution of energy generation and GHG reduction.

The feasibility study aimed to help the LGUs develop their clustered SLF using various alternative technologies for waste management. Further, the study hopes to catalyze the LGUs to implement SWM in a holistic, economical, and efficient manner.

Presentation of Final Feasibility Report to EMB Bicol Region


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